The idea

A long time ago, I found a website that listed on its venerable finger service the GNU/Linux distributions and BSD systems that you can download.
That misuse was so fun and ingenious that I wanted to imitate it.

And I created pfinger, a server and a client for finger.

This project allows me to:

The server

The server is not really a finger server as it does not allow to gather data on the connected users on the local or remote machine.

It simply displays some data by using the same protocol used by finger: and it is almost nothing as it is based on simple messages on TCP.

To be honest, it is probably what you could see in a first year course to become a developer.



An instance is publicly available here:

The client

It allows:


$ perl
$ perl projects/

The deployment

The pfinger daemon must be run behind a HAProxy (or an alternative) instance. It adds some features I will never implement:

I use perlbrew to manage the Perl version and the modules installation CPAN.

Of course, there is an Ansible playbook to deploy everything.