Here is a list of reachable services (IPv4 and IPv6) and those I failed to manage myself.

I hope to add more entries.

On the WWW:

On the Gopher space: gopher://
with SSL on port 7043

On the Finger space:
with SSL on port 7943

The full-nodes:

The status pages of the bitcoincore daemons:

I use an instance of Bitwarden to manage my secrets (source code).

The deployment and the updates are managed by a script provided by the publisher and everything is installed inside Dockers containers.

This deployment method is in contradiction with my principles of simplicity but the whole tool is complex because there are a lot of features I want to use (like it’s rivals) so I accept to trust the publisher.

Mails management is not easy and really time-consuming:

I am at now.
It’s an Australian company with servers in the USA: it’s far from digital independence but I still reduce my exposure to others big multi-services players.