hosting a full-node

A full-node does not generate new blocks in the chain: it’s the work of a mining node.

What is a full-node?

When you run a full-node, you achieve to 2 goals:

A full-node allows to connect your own wallet on it and thus to be totally:

The daemon installation

For now, I only use the daemon from bitcoincore or one of its forks.

The installation process from the official documentation is complete and allows starting quickly.

Le complete blockchain, in the case of the bitcoin, can take a lot of spaces (210Go as of today) and the network usage is significant.

I maintain different Ansible roles to manage the deployment and the updates of that daemon and the other tools I use with.
You can see the playbooks here:

The monitoring of the daemon

In order to follow the daemon, I use a PHP script node-interface. On the machine, I have those instances:

Connecting your wallet


The Lightning-Network installation