The blockchain

The blockchain technologies are largely known through the prism of the cryptocurrencies. But, of course, they are more pratical applications:

At this point, the ongoing works in this field are an intersting motor for the development of exchanges of all kind.

The concept of the blockchain is based on the principle that, at time t, every peers in the network find a consensus to validate the same vision of the data.

Of course, the more decentralized the network is, the more you can trust the data and their non-sizing. Therefore it is necesseray to have:

In the case of a cryptocurrency, this is an absolute necessity.

The cryptocurrencies

In order to protect your digital independence, it is important:

Some cryptocurrencies offer that but you also need to be part of the network and host yourself a full-node if you want to fullfill the second point.

He analyses the cryptocurrencies (bitcoin) with a technical point of view but also offers some thoughts of their impact of the digital independence (and more).

On his site, he gathers an impressiv list of articles, links and technical data.

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