cloud providers

You will need to have an account on these 2 cloud providers:

1. AWS

  1. Go to AWS and create an account

    This account will be the root account for all other sub-accounts.
    You will have to activate all security recommended parameters in the IAM console.

    AWS IAM Security status

  2. Create 2 groups

    They will be named admin and ops.
    Put the same policies as shown on the pictures below:

    AWS IAM group admin

    AWS IAM group ops

    You have probably noted a custom policy attached to the admin group: it’s the access to the Billing panel.
    If you need it, go to this page: it will explain how to enable the access to the *Billing panel.

  3. Create 2 users

    The first user will only need an access to the API, so it will be a “Programmatic access”.
    Name it ops. AWS IAM users

    The second user will be your human account to access the console from your browser.
    Choose your account name (mine is titou). AWS IAM user

2. Cloudflare

Nothing special here: let’s create a Cloudflare account.

3. Next page!

We are done, let’s create a domain name.