some news

Long time no see… I’ve been pretty busy (and a bit lazy ) but I made a little refresh of this site:

  1. Unfortunately, I had to delete the french pages
    I won’t have much time to maintain all my contents (for this site but there is also the finger and the gopher spaces).
    So I mad a choice, and the first victim is the french site

  2. I think I have now 100 Ansible roles
    I am still working with Ansible 2.7 but migrating to 2.8 is one of my priorities.
    I have worked a lot on Consul/Vault roles lately but I have also fixed and cleaned some older ones.
    Of course, there are still a lot of bugs , some roles should be converted into python modules and some roles are total crap (yeah, I’m lookig at you grafana-api ) but I have now a pretty good collection.

  3. I have updated my bitcoin-core nodes, caddy, hugo, etc. to the latest versions.

  4. I have worked on this project for quite some time now: it’s about the creation of an infrastructure from scratch
    Go look at it, it could be interesting